I secretly adore blogs. I say secretly because I don’t tend to be very vocal about this part of my day, it’s between me and and Mac (my lovely computer). Inches from the screen, it’s somewhere I go just about whenever I can.
I love reading about food and fashion and interiors and diet and fitness (even if I just watch the excercise videos) and just generally looking at pictures of things familiar and unfamiliar. I am a very visual person when it comes to food and I have to admit not being able to eat a lot of the things I see (all wheaty and delicious) does not, surprizingly, take away from my enjoyment of looking at it. It’s truly perverse.
Here are some blogs I visit often.
A Model Recommends- embarassingly fond of Ruth Crilly and her endless tips and tricks in the powder room. Beauty, fashion, food but most importantly her cat is adorable
Yum Sugar- great for food and dinner party ideas, tons of information and easy to navigate
Elana’s Pantry- great gluten free recipes among others, lots of info and substitution ideas
Gluten-Free Goddess- lovely ideas for baking and quick dinners, all GF and good advice for starting a wheat free diet
So Delushious- she’s a Victoria Secret model and all she seems to do is eat fried chicken wings, can’t be bad
Chocolate Covered Katie- amazing recipes for american desserts. Most can be made GF with easy substitutes, I’d quite like to be fed by her after every meal

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