Sunday, 12 May 2013

Crispy polenta-fried cuttlefish (or big squid!) with chilli and lime

Oh hello cuttlefish.  Cuttlefish is a member of the squid family and you can treat it exactly the same way in cooking, it's just larger and if anything, more flavourful. Both squid and cuttlefish have amazing properties, namely that they're rich in omega-3 and high in protein. Cuttlefish is just perfection fried with a crispy polenta crust and dipped in sweet chilli sauce with fresh lime. This recipe would work just as well with squid, use whatever you can get your hands on!

Eat this as a starter, or with fluffy rice and peas as main, either way, it's a crowd pleaser....

To feed 4 (as a starter)

About 500 gramms of fresh (or defrosted) cuttlefish or squid, washed thoroughly and cut into thick pieces, or rings if your prefer. 
2 pinches of sea salt 
A grinding of pepper
2 tsp dried chilli flakes
1 lime
1 egg
Roughly 5 tbsp of polenta (100% gluten-free cornmeal, I used Amisa's which can be found here.)
4 tbsp of oil 

Some sweet chilli sauce for dipping (Try and get one without BUCKETS of sugar, though these are hard to find to be honest). 


Marinate your cuttlefish in your salt, pepper, dried chilli flakes and the juice of half a lime for about 10 minutes.

Beat your egg in a bowl.

Spread your polenta around a large plate.

Then, piece by piece, coat your cuttlefish first with egg and then roll in the polenta, making sure each side is evenly covered. 

Heat your oil in a large pan. Add your cuttlefish to the pan when the oil is very hot and turn once. These won't take long at all to cook, remove when both sides are golden and crispy (no longer than 1-2 minutes each side).

Transfer to a paper towel to absorb any excess oil, squeeze the second half of your lime over them and serve immediately!

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